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Peter Schilling
Taking Form Jade Studio
411A Highland Av. #319
Somerville, MA 02144-2516


The jade I carve is real jade.

I work primarily with nephrite jade from Wyoming, Siberia, and British Columbia. Nephrite is the jade carved by the ancient Chinese and by the Maori of New Zealand. It is characterized by generally muted colors ranging from jet black through various greens to snowy white. Nephrite often takes a somewhat soft “waxy” polish, although very fine quality material can be polished very brightly.

Lately I have also been carving some jadeite jade from Burma and Guatemala. Jadeite is the jade carved by the Olmecs, Maya, and Aztecs of Central America and by the Chinese starting in the 18th century. Jadeite exhibits a wider and brighter range of colors than nephrite, including lavenders and blue-greens, and can usually accept a higher polish.

I work a wide variety of beautifully colored and patterned jade and prefer material with a fine creamy texture and translucency. High quality jade is the toughest natural stone, and it is this toughness which allows it to be carved into the graceful forms I am interested in carving.