“As a jade carver I sometimes invite guest artists to exhibit and sell at my gallery in China. The work of Peter Schilling is so distinctive and of such a high standard that it is always a pleasure to have his work on show. He is one of the very few western jade artists who my Chinese customers admire.  I think this may in part be due to his profound knowledge of jade and the techniques involved in carving it.”

-Andrew John Shaw, Suzhou, China  

“I first saw Peter's work in Ornament magazine and was drawn to the natural shapes and beautiful nephrite jade colors. I bought my first piece by him in 2007. Since then I've purchased many more pieces and had the pleasure of meeting Peter at the Big Sur Jade Festival. Each piece is made with exquisite design and precise craftmanship. I love the elegant, silky finish that he imparts to his pieces. They're not only beautiful to the eye but pleasing to touch and fondle.”

-Elizabeth Fox, California

“I bought my first Peter Schilling pendant in 2010, and have acquired several more over the years.  While no one strictly needs a jade pendant, Peter’s pieces are compelling. The combination of choice of material, design and workmanship results in pieces that are a delight to wear and own.  I think of them as miniature sculptures which also serve as jewelry.” 

-Hal Bloom, Massachusetts

 “Your newest work is a combination of superb design, carving and beautiful choices of jade. There is a gentle soft nature to all of them. Many express a beautiful sense of motion. I look forward to my next piece of yours.”

-Alan Bilinsky, California

I purchased a pair of earrings by Peter as a gift to myself for my birthday. They are classic yet modern. I love the shape, translucency of the jade and the detail in the carving. There is a subtle variation of color that is mirrored on the bottom of each earring. It’s such a sophisticated detail that shows the artistry and attention that goes into each design. I am very satisfied with my purchase and will keep them forever.

-Mary Booras, Massachusetts

“In my researches about jade I regularly came upon the name of Peter Schilling and was astonished at the artistic quality and phenomenal carving techniques of this artist. I got into contact with Peter and was able to buy my first jade from him, a leaf with petiole loop pendant of Wyoming nephrite jade. This extraordinary jade fascinates me every time I look at it and feel the unique aesthetic finish that Peter is able to achieve with traditional methods. I bought a second jade some years later, an absolutely stunning Celt with notches again from Wyoming nephrite jade, but with an entirely different color and texture. These two wonderful jades are high points in my collection, and I intend to expand my collection of Peter Schilling jades sometime in the near future.”

-Robert Grossmann, Switzerland


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